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  • Need a workshop or training on health, leadership, healing, or nutrition?
  • Looking to inspire your employees towards a healthier lifestyle to improve productivity and retention?
  • Do you, as a leader, want to create a more engaged staff to accomplish your organization’s mission within cost goals?
  • Would you or your staff like to know how to gain more energy while maintaining optimal weight?


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Here are some of the areas that I cover:

Health Topics:

  • Food as Medicine – Power Foods That Define Your Health
  • A Metabolic Approach to Treating Cancer–Maybe It’s Not in Your Genes
  • Coping with Hospice – Making It the Best Time of Your Life
  • Exercising – Key to Gaining More Energy 
  • How to Hang Onto Faith During the Tough Times – Connecting to a Higher Power
  • Science and Spirituality–Is There a Connection?

Leadership Topics:

  • Create a Vision and Mission in a Way That Gets Buy-In From All Levels
  • Authentic Leadership – Key to Creating an Engaged Staff
  • Tapping into the Benefits of a Culturally Diverse Workforce
  • How To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive
  • Communicating Effectively as a Leader Throughout Every Level of Your Organization
  • Active Listening to Improve Productivity