Success University for Women in Leadership

This past year, I was blessed to co-author this book on women in leadership.  In it, I share vignettes of some of my experiences during my career in the military that have helped to hone me as a leader.  It is my sincere hope and desire that, as you read this, you’ll gain insights that will enable you to implement success strategies that I, along with the other amazing women who have co-authored this book, shared.  Just knowing that there have been other women who have encountered what you may be experiencing will encourage you and provide you with specific strategies to help you overcome and surmount the challenges that you are facing, whether you are just starting your career, mid-level, or seeking to leave a legacy for future generations.

Book Summary:

Are you… A leader or aspire to be one? Searching for a leadership mentor that has been where you are? Embarking on a more significant leadership role? You’ll get answers to these questions and more inside Success University for Women in Leadership. In fact, you’ll get access to 20 leaders from seven countries around the world who are ready to share their insights and learnings with you. Our Success Sisters hail from industries as varied as accounting, education, healthcare, human resources, insurance, the military, professional development, petroleum, and the arts. Dive into the book now and let their experiences and guidance empower you in your leadership quest for success. You have nothing to lose. Learn from women who have walked the walk when it comes to being strong and thoughtful leaders. What are you waiting for? Buy now and start your journey to leadership success.